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Landscaping is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your property. It turns your space into a space-efficient and eco-friendly environment. However, landscaping is easier said than done. A landscape design done by a professional landscaping contractor is an invaluable investment for property owners who are planning on redesigning their land, yet cannot perform the task themselves due to lack of time or know-how. In Port St Lucie, FL, nearly all clients trust Mr. Ed’s Small Engine for their landscaping projects.

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We have used many landscaping contractors in the past. Unfortunately, no one compares to the quality of work and customer service that Mr. Ed's Small Engine has to offer. Me and my family look forward to continuing our relationship with them and highly recommend Mr. Ed's Small Engine to anyone who need a landscaping contractor who is affordable, reliable and willing to go to the extra mile!

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House with a landscaped yard.Mr. Ed’s Small Engine is a leading landscape design provider in Port St Lucie, FL. We carry more than 2 years of experience in the landscaping business and we still continue to grow. Our professional reputation continues to spread across Port St Lucie, FL and even communities outside its borders. Since we started, our fundamentals have always been aligned with what’s best for our clients. We strive to make our landscaping services the mark for excellence and complete customer service. It is our utmost pleasure to cater to such a great crowd of clients in Port St Lucie, FL. If our audiences allow it, we plan on continuing our public service for many more years to come.

Commercial landscape (a small football field).Landscaping projects require loads of time and labor. Creating and designing a landscape that is picturesque and efficient can be a challenging task and even an impossible one for property owners without the slightest clue of how the process works. You need to have a keen eye for detail and the specific knowledge regarding different natural elements involved. For example, you need to know what type of grass best fits a particular lawn depending on the climate temperatures and weather conditions. The right designs should also be efficient and do not compromise the functionality of the property. For instance, a small fish pond or a fountain made of rock should be placed smartly where it will not block walkways and, at the same time, will not be affected by human activity. From households to business offices, there are tons of designs you could possibly pull off, given enough budget and time frame. At Mr. Ed’s Small Engine, we know and expect clients to have varied preferences when it comes to landscape designs. Our extensive and select range of residential and commercial landscapers ensure that your individual project needs and goals are met with the same high standards and end results.

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Small pond, pictured during the night.You will love Mr. Ed’s Small Engine’s prices. We offer some of the world’s most inexpensive landscaping services. We also perform onsite landscape design assessments and evaluations prior giving a bid to ensure thorough and fair bidding. We also continue to work on newer and better solutions to reduce our prices without sacrificing quality. And what about our speed? Contact us today at (772) 343-9200 to get in touch with our residential and commercials landscapers that will professionally upgrade the appearance of your garden or commercial lot!